December 01, 2012

Busy B

Did you miss me?  :)

Each and every day, I start with good intentions that I will indeed catch y'all up with all the crafting, decorating, room re-designs, festive holiday affairs, family fun, friends, football, projects, sewing (yes, sewing), shopping, crafting, cooking and general good times going on around these parts.  But, each and every day ... I literally fall asleep the moment my head gets to a pillow because I've been running wide open from sun up until far past sun down! 

While I don't chat y'all up about my oh so less domestic diva life at work often, I'm thrilled that all the hard work and passion I have for my "day job" continues to pay off with a big announcement made to our teams last night about additional responsibilities.  I'll be focusing on building business outside the USA and there is a ton of opportunity on the horizon.  Prepping for the transition and announcement has been a large focus of my time and attention each day these past few weeks; and I'm ready to now get going! 

So ... with all that behind us, including a celebratory and appropriately named bottle of "Locations" wine last night enjoyed by me and Dear Hubs; it's on to the weekend and catching you up on all the fun around here!

And yep, the announcement is indeed noteworthy enough to have th cork make our memory dish!

(and as soon as I clear up some weird picture hosting thing, I'll be back in blogging business!)