June 30, 2011

Easy Red, White and Blue

While I (impatiently) wait the arrival of Baby B, who clearly came by his fashionable lateness naturally .... I've been crafting, cleaning and passing the time the best I can.  While I'm working on welcome baby crafts like it is my major in college, I did find some time to create this super cute display for my kitchen island to celebrate the 4th of July in adorable style.  And the best part ... I was able to do this with various odds and ends around the craft room - FREE (did you hear that Dear Hubs?)! 

Channelling my inner kindergartner, I fashioned these too cute paper fans in festive red, white and blue.  This is such an easy craft - you must try!  I paired the paper fan bouquets with a terra cotta pot full of red and white candles and voila ... a festive masterpiece for my kitchen!

The Dish (what you need):
  • Glue (hot glue or craft works just fine)
  • Various papers (scrapbook, construction, etc)
  • Craft sticks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Floral Foam
  • Container
  • Double side tape - optional
How To Voodoo (what to do):
1.    Begin by folding the paper back in forth like a fan.

2.  Once completely folded, take the fan and pinch in the middle.  Secure with a staple.
3.  Use the scissors to cut a decorative edge on the paper.  I used a rounded cut, a single V shape, a double V shape, etc.  Be sure to cut them at different lengths so that you have different size fans at the end. 
4.  Fan out the paper and tape or glue the opposite sides of the paper fan together to create a half circle fan.

5.  Complete the same step on the other side (this one will be tougher) and secure with tape or glue. 

6.  Add a craft stick to the back with glue.
7.  If you used tape, secure any areas needed with glue to ensure the full circle fan holds.
8.  Take the fans on stick and place them in a container full of foam.  Cover foam with tissue paper or crinkles.

Happy 4th of July, Ya'll!

June 28, 2011

Favorite Things

I feel a little like Julie Andrews singing "raindrops on roses" as she gleefully shared her favorite things as part of The Sound of Music.  Or maybe even Oprah, as she hosted her giveaway show each Christmas season.  You know the one, where she would belt out "a new car" in that booming voice only Oprah can do, stirring the crowd to wildly jump to their feet.  Well, for my little ol' birthday this weekend, I too had a wonderful time celebrating and received a few of the things from my very own favorite things list.  As they always do; my family spoiled me just about rotten with some wonderful gifts that just hit the spot!

Zsa Zsa and Dear ol' Dad secured the much anticipated Williams Sonoma honeybee pull apart cake pan for me.  I'm over the moon about this one and can't wait to make my first honey glazed pull apart cake! 

Lala searched high and low for a Low Country Luxe candle in the Gullah scent.  I just love the florals of magnolia and gardenia - this candle captures the south just perfectly!  And since our local fave shop doesn't carry these any more, I'm fairly certain Lala had to "import" this direct from Savannah!

And the highly sought after Michael Kors Chronography watch in champagne gold is now keeping my arm company! I just love it and know it's the perfect accessory for everyday wear!  Thank you Dear Hubs for minding the "why do you want a men's watch?" questions and getting this for me anyways :)!

To get back into my workout routine in style, Dear Hubs also surprised me by buying out the Under Armour display at the local sports store and created a very adorable gift; including a new gym bag, yoga mat and new high fashion duds.  (Sidebar - I'm beginning to think my cellophane wrapping, big bow tying and all out love for wrapping themed gifts is beginning to rub off on him.  It was actually really well done - especially for a boy!)

Dear MIL and FIL know exactly the type of things I like ... they found this so perfect diamond fleur de lis necklace (terrible pic - apologies) and shipped it to Atlanta for my special day.  I just love it!

What did I tell you?  SPOILED ROTTEN!  If that isn't enough, the parental unit and Lala also gave me an oh so generous amount of cash to get myself the new flared leg 7 for All Mankind jeans that Rachel Zoe has been endorsing and a new belt for fall!

So while my "big gift" of Baby B's arrival is still delayed, I'd say I had a pretty big celebration still!  Thank you, family and much love!  xoxo

~charmed b

June 27, 2011

Belly Laughs

Caution, today's topic is going to make you think that the hot Georgia summer heat has gotten the best of me and that I've lost my mind.  I've surmized that based on the reactions of Zsa Zsa, bestie A, bestie M and a gaggle of friends when I told them of my idea.  Well, I will give a little street cred to my craft by telling you that I heard this is all the rage from Good Morning America news correspondent Melissa - who even went to a boutique in Dallas to film a segment on topic.  Ok, granted ... morning television is consumed with talking dogs and dancing baby segments so while this doesn't exactly justify my case ... come on, give me a little credability?

As is extremely evident if you saw me ... dear Hubs and I are expecting baby numero uno any day now (please for the love, make it be any day and not any week!).  I'm sitting pretty at 40 weeks and a day now, and have developed a baby bump that is surely holding an big offensive lineman nice and snug inside.  Sure we snapped some photos of the bump and I even did a belly silhoutte (which I still love); I thought dear Melissa from GMA was onto something.  And so I tried it ... creating my own pregnancy belly casting.  Yes, exactly as it sounds; making a modern art looking, keepsake cast of your big ol' pregnant belly is something that can be done in the privacy of your own workspace and doesn't even require the fancy boutique that they showed on tv (thank goodness).

Besides being a hot Hollywood mom to be trend (which is like saying Oprah endorses something - I must try it), I thought a belly cast would make an unusual keepsake that way down the road would be something to look at, cherish and remember the days before Baby B arrived.  I also have an elaborate plan of how the babe's newborn pics will include a photoshoot of him laying in the belly casting ... could be really artsy and sweet. 

A quick google of the topic revealed a million sites (33,600,000 to be exact) with directions, ideas and kits to make your very own.  And so, with a little instruction I felt ready and off to the craft store I went to gather up supplies for Belly Bowl Making 101.  The best part, my "at home" version didn't require an expensive kit or supplies, just a few craft store basics.  Before you go, decide which style form you intend to make.  The ideas online range from the standard belly bowl (just the belly shape) to a full frontal bust.  This will determine how much plaster cloth you need.

The Dish (what you need):
  • Vaseline
  • Plaster cloth strips (available at craft store near paper mache)
  • Scissors
  • Warm water
  • Few towels
  • Most important ... a willing assistant
How To Voodoo (what you do):
1.  This works best when the "model" is between 35-38 weeks pregnant.  You really need a full belly :).  Be sure to wear some grubby clothes or cover up with towels to keep the mess to a minimum.  I found a sports bra and shorts to work just fine.  And ... be sure to lay towels on the floor under you just in case!
2.  Find your trusty assistant - this is critical because it's definitely not a 1 person job!
3.  Cut the plaster cloth into strips.  I chose 2 lengths; one long length that stretches all the way across (left to right) of my middle and extends to sides, and a second length that is a little shorter for the top and bottom of the belly bump.
4.  Cover your belly in Vaseline.  I think an old wet t-shirt would work as well, but the Vaseline wasn't that bad ... promise!
5.  Wet each strip according to directions on the box and remove excess water.  Please the strips across belly (left to right) and start with a full coverage of long strips slightly overlapping to create the base form.
6.  Repeat step 5 to create a thickness of at least 4 strips.
7.  Wait at least 30-40 minutes to allow the cast to harden.  After this time, it will not be 100% dry, but dry enough that you can remove it.  To make it harden better, use a hair dryer the last 10 minutes.
8.  Watch it dry (this part is optional).

In a few days, the cast will dry entirely and you can paint it, store it or even display it.  Bestie S is convinced this would look like modern art if tastefully displayed on a wooden stand.  I tend to agree with her, but it doesn't exactly go with my traditional decorating :).

And so now, I anxiously await the arrival of Baby B so I can add his name and birthday to the form.  His little baby handprints may also get added for keepsake purposes.  I will be sure to keep you posted if we do in fact successfully use this for his baby photoshoot in a few weeks!

~charmed b

June 24, 2011

Anniverary of My 29th Birthday

Another year older … and another year wiser, or so they say.

Today, I am celebrating yet another anniversary of my 29th birthday and do indeed feel older and wiser than I did on the first 29th celebration. The “older” part took some getting use to, and I didn’t take nicely to the thought of “being old” for a long while. Occassionally, it still stings a little. But, for the most part; I’ve learned to embrace it and see the beauty of where I am now in my life and the blessings God has provided. I’ve learned that maturity doesn’t mean you are old and I’m amazed that my mother, Zsa Zsa, was indeed right … as a teenager and 20 something you think you know it all; one day you wake up and realize you didn’t. I, myself, have had that unique experience of realizing how little I really did know along with a few good laughs that started with “what was I thinking…”.

I vividly recall my 25th birthday, when I sat at lunch with two coworkers who I didn’t know all that well and one asked “when is your birthday?”. Ironic since it was that very day, I almost started tearing up when I answered “today”. At 25, I hated the thought of getting “older” and just couldn’t fathom the thought of being in my “mid 20s”. Being in my "mid 20s" represented the need to be a responsible adult and in my young mind that meant the end of my independence, my fun and the things that I loved about being in my “early 20s” and carefree.

But, embrace those things you cannot change, right? The reality of it is that no matter how many anti-aging product I bought, I couldn’t stop the process. And so I rationalized that I must accept my status of being in my “mid 20s” and since that time have had to also conquer my fear of the 30s. With age comes wisdom, or perhaps a lack of care for trivial things like a number and so I press on, humorously celebrating my anniversary of 29 time and time again. This time, the anniversary came much faster and didn’t sting nearly like previous numbers. I prefer to think that’s a sign of personal growth, or maybe just that I’m too old to care.

Nonetheless, each year since the tearful 25th, I take a moment to reflect on the things that I’ve learned throughout the year and what personal growth message I’ve realized. One life lesson is selected and I write it down as the most impactful thing I’ve learned this year. Maybe one day these will be expanded into some elaborate story of my life, but for now; the simple list serves as a reminder of what I felt at that age and how far I’ve grown as a person. So yes, Zsa Zsa … you were right … I didn’t know everything at 16, 19 or even 24. Perhaps I still don’t, but the difference is that I’ve embraced that and look forward to the life lessons ahead.

June 23, 2011

1,000 fans

Simply amazing.  Just a week ago, I was so thrilled to announce the friends and family opening of Charmed Life Kids.  Thus far, all expectations have been exceeded and last night we hit 1,000 fans on Facebook!  The feeling is truly surreal and I feel genuinely blessed to open the boutique with such strong numbers. 

Tonight, we will host our first preview online auction on Facebook and will debute a few of the new designs from the Charmed Life clothing line.  Over the coming days and weeks, more designs of the Charmed Life line and other children's clothing will be featured.  Here's a sneak peak of the Charmed Life line!

If you think these are adorable ... well, they are!  And there's plenty more where these came from, so be sure to scoot over to Facebook and "like" us to join in on the auction fun!

Boys Shortall with Party Smocking

Adorable pink polka dot bubble with flower smocking

Yellow striped bishop dress with turtle smocked - matching shortall for boys too!

Under the sea bubble for baby

Too cute watermelon smocked bubble

Hop over to Facebook and join the fun!
We belong in the zoo!  Bishop dresses and shortalls

Whale smocked bishop dresses - matching shortalls for boys too!

June 21, 2011

Wedding Cookies

For the impromptu fete for bestie A a week or so back, I was charged with creation of the perfect party favor for our lunch bunch.  Being that it was, afterall, an wedding engagement celebration and small shower of sorts; I knew exactly the favor these gals would love - traditional Italian wedding cookies!

Recently, neighbor friend R prepped some of these powdered sugary wonders for an informal wedding reception for friends C and S.  The cookies were just delish and I was convinced when I asked her for the recipe she would reply with the name of a local bakery.  Well, to my surprise, the local baker was none other than herself and she was sweet enough to share her secret recipe with me!  The best part ... as complicated as they look and the name may sound, traditional Italian wedding cookies only require just a few oh so simple steps to follow and voila ... the perfect party favor!

To make these sweets, simply follow this easy recipe.


  •  1 1/2 cups unsalted butter
  • 3/4 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups finely chopped ground almonds
  • 4 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 cups sifted all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup confectioners' sugar for rolling

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.
2. Cream butter in a bowl, gradually add confectioners' sugar and salt. Beat until light and fluffy. Add almonds and vanilla. Blend in flour gradually and mix well.
3.  Shape into balls (or crescents) using about 1 tablespoon for each cookie. Place on ungreased cookie sheets, and bake for 15-20 minutes (look for crack in top of one of the cookies). Do not brown. Cool slightly, and then roll in the extra confectioners' sugar.

Batch makes about 50-60 cookies.

Once my cookies were out of the oven, I made sure they were completely cooled before they took a roll in the confectioners sugar.  This is key!  If you roll too soon, these treats get real sticky!  After a quick roll in the sugar, they were packaged up in individual treat boxes.  Each box was filled with raffia shreads and 2 cupcake liners.  6 little sweets were added and then each box was tied with a bow. 


Cookies in the favor boxes

Tied with bright pink ribbon and ready to go!

Topped off with perfect monogram stickers from bestie M


June 20, 2011


Last week, I was in a fave gift shop of mine, Elle B, picking out a few odds and ends gifts for friends when owner L pointed out an adorable drink bucket that she thought I might like.  It was insulated with a too cute fabric with little clover shapes all over it.  You know the pattern, it's all the rage right now, and bestie M even used it as the background for our girl's luncheon invitation and Preppy Paper Girl has used it on various gifts she has crafted for me too.  Innocently enough, I said to L that I just am so smitten by that pattern and am snatching up any and every item I can find with it.  Her reply, "yes, quatrefoil is real popular right now."  Quatre-who?  And after a quick call to confirm the name of the pattern with M, I realized I just learned something new for the day and I have something of a quatrefoil crush!

Quatrefoil is a term that refers to "four leaves" or petals and applies to four lobed objects in everything from architecture to design.  There's great history of this shape's use it can commonly be found in Renaissance churches and even as a decorative symbol on commissioned Marine officer uniforms.  Who knew?

Besides the adorable stationary and such options I'm already crazy about, here's a few quatre-fabulous items I'm currently crushing on:

Suzanne Kasler designed rugs at Ballard Designs.  My go to store does it again with these simply perfect rugs!

Photo from Ballard Designs

Outdoor furniture at Neiman Marcus.  I'm pretty sure Dear Hubs would squish this purchase on price tag alone, but how fab is this furniture?

Photo from Neiman Marcus

This David Yurman necklace captures the shape and classic design flawlessly.  (What does Mr. Yurman do that isn't flawless?)

Photo from Saks 5th Avenue

These Regina Andrew sconces are just fab!

Photo from Layla Grace

Check it out!  And next time someone tells you that they love that "4 point, clover looking, sort of geometric shape pattern that's real popular" you can look like a total smarty and let them know what it's really called!

~charmed b

June 17, 2011

K's Easy Weeknight BBQ Shrimp

It's been all the buzz around the neighborhood ... the oh so delish BBQ shrimp recipe that neighbor friend K shared with the gals around the hood.  For one reason or another, I continually misplaced this recipe (a few times) and never got around to making this dish.  Well, when the raves just kept coming in and ya'll know this southern girl hasn't met a shrimp I don't like, so I begged very organized friend J send me the recipe again (for like the 3rd time).  And FINALLY this week... I first hand had the tasty pleasure of enjoying this fab dish.

Friend K kept telling me how easy the recipe was to make and she was indeed right!  It looks and tastes like a culinary masterpiece, but it's easy as pie to whip together.  This makes it the perfect easy weeknight meal to throw together with some cheesy grits and crusty bread; or impress some guests with a weekend meal that puts together in a flash!

And without further delay, here's the super secret, super fab, super easy recipe for K's BBQ Shrimp.  Ya'll enjoy!

BBQ Shrimp
(serves 6-8)

  • 4 lbs. unpeeled, large fresh shrimp
  • 2 lemons cut into wedges
  • 1 cup butter, melted
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 3 tbsp old bay seasoning
1.  Place shrimp in a baking dish. top with lemon wedges.
2.  Stir together butter and next 4 ingredients. Pour over shrimp.
3.  Bake at 400 for 35 - 40 minutes.

Serve with french bread and grits!

Ya'll enjoy!
~charmed b

June 16, 2011

Charmed Life Kids

The iconic Ina Garten, who I adore from her Barefoot Contessa fame once said, "Be willing to jump off the cliff and figure out how to fly on the way down."  While this goes against every fiber of my control freak, pre-planned, Type A persona ... I'm giving it a whirl!

As of about 8pm last night, I took a very exciting step in publishing the Facebook page for Charmed Life Kids.  This has been something in the works for quite some time now, and I'm pleased as punch to go ahead and kick things off right with a pre-launch to friends and family this week!

In the coming weeks, you will see Charmed Life Kids come to life and a project I've worked very hard to create take form!  Charmed Life Kids is an online children's boutique full of picture perfect designs for play dates and special events at affordable prices that you will just love. 

When I first started shopping for adorable gifts for the children of my dear friends, I realized just how costly some children's clothing can be.  While I love smocked dresses, bubbles and jon jons; I just can't fathom the price tags on some of these darlings!  And so ... the brain child Charmed Life Kids came to be!  By manufacturing and "cutting out the middle man" as much as possible, we are able to keep prices reasonable and provide you with stylish designs for your littles!

In addition to saving YOU money and suiting up the littles in some cuties, Charmed Life is also committed to supporting our community through donation to children's charities.  A portion of the proceeds from ALL sales will go directly to support children in need.

As an added surprise, our first 50 charmed fans will receive a $10 credit towards their first purchase.  And even if you miss the fab 50 cut off, there might just be a special discount for the next 50 or so too!  Given the oh so affordable prices for these darling fashions, this is a STEAL!  So, scoot on over to Facebook and "like" us as quick as you can!

~charmed b

June 15, 2011

The Art of the Handwritten Note

Zsa Zsa and the cotillion instructor from my youth would be so proud to know that I still practice my good manners and appreciate the art of the handwritten note.  We all stay so very busy with our hustle and bustle life styles that I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes right now as I step onto my soapbox of the importance of handwritten notes.  I know not everyone agrees, but please allow me to plead my case. 

Over the past few months, this skill has gotten more than a little practice thanks to the beyond generous gifts from my wonderful friends and family as we anxiously (very anxiously) await (still .... waiting) the arrival of Baby B.  Sure, on a few occassions I considered cutting corners and using a more modern, technology savvy means to appreciate these genrous gestures and friends; but each time I consider it I snap myself back in line remembering how thoughtful and wonderful it is to receive a hand written note.  And so... I carry on; ink stained hand and cramped fingers from the cursive writing I don't use much day to day.  I know I haven't written this many notes since my wedding almost 9 years ago, but I find this romantic writing practice such a personal way to appreciate the people in my life.  This time, I vow to be better about writing notes to appreciate people more often and as such.  And, once again, L over at Preppy Paper has saved the day with adorable monogram designed notecards that just make you want to find a reason to write!

As I thought about this post, I asked myself the question ... why do I feel like handwritten notes are so important?  The answer is simply because it's special.  A handwritten card takes time and a break from our normal social media, texting, email and go-go-go lifestyle to write.  The reader instantly knows that this is important and took some time, above and beyond, to contact them.  Plus, what's better mixed in that big stack of bills, magazines and junk flyers that we retrieve daily from the mailbox than a personalized message that brightens our day? 

The next time you have the opportunity to send someone a note to say hello, thank them for something or just because you know it will brighten their day ... do it!  Grab some adorable stationary and know that you not only will make them smile but you will feel good about the outcome as well.  Here's a few tips to  keep in mind:

  • Be Specific and focus on one concrete point.  Make sure the reader gets a genuine understanding of "why" you are writing.  Is it to say thank you?  If so, be sure to thank the recipient for the specific gift and maybe even tell them how you plan to use it.  Is it to say congrats for something?  Tell them how you are specifically proud of their accomplishment and it will go a long way!
  • Time is of the essence.  Be prompt in giving feedback or sending notes.  If the recipient receives the note closely tied to the action, it is more meaningful.
  • It doesn't have to be a Pulitzer Prize novel.  That's right ... a simple deep breath and a moment to collect your thoughts is really all that is needed to plan out a perfect handwritten note.  Don't stress about it thinking it has to be long, drawn out or elaborate.  A short and concise message can be just as impactful!
  • It is indeed the thought that counts.  Remember, the tips above and know that the recipient will appreciate knowing you cared enough to write them - and that's what it is all about!
So grab some too cute stationary and whip up a sweet note to make a friend feel special ... the handwritten way!

~charmed b

June 14, 2011

Reason to Celebrate

I love celebrating milestones, big and small, with friends and family.  I know Dear Hubs is convinced that sometimes I even invent little milestones or cause for celebration just to have a festive fete to plan!  But, that wasn't the case this past weekend - there was an exciting reason to celebrate, indeed.  Dear A is engaged and her friends couldn't be more thrilled!  A is just such a wonderful gal and we all are so excited that she has finally met the man of her dreams in her mister M.

To wish our bride all the best, a group of dear college friends gathered at one of my favorite, girly Atlanta  lunch spots; the Swan Coach House.  You have heard me rave about this spot before and this time it was the perfect location for a fab celebration for our fave bride to be!  Friends travelled from far and away to be part of the special time; and dear C wins the award for making it all the way from NYC that very morning to celebrate (and she still looked adorably polished in the cutest dress after an early morning flight!).  It's always such a fun time catching up with these girls on the latest gossip, what the littles are up to and all the other exciting stories. 

Bestie M and I gussied up the already girly table with favors, flowers and adorable printed decor.  M is an amazing whiz with paper design, and collectively we have such fun whenever we can combine our passions to create a "party in the box" on the go! 

We dined on a lovely SCH lunch and celebrated with the signature swans for dessert!  Of course, I just couldn't pass up the frozen fruit salad that is just my fave!  I found the recipe online and cannot wait to try it at home, it certainly won't come with the side of southern flair that the SCH delivers, but will certainly do in a pinch!

All in all, I sure do love my time with these girls and we all wish dear A nothing but the best and brightest future for her walk down the aisle!  XOXO, A!

Beautiful Waterford frame from L and A - perfect for the bride!

Posing with M and C (I love that I actually look real short here!)

Monogrammed candle from me and M
A & A are all smiles!

Super cute cherry apron & cook book from C

June 13, 2011

The Corporate Ladder ... in Stilettos

Craftiness, entertaining and keeping a charmed house are all things I love.  Equally, I'm passionate about my career and have both corporate ladder and entrepreneurial goals and aspirations.  Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend a women's leadership conference for work and came home inspired and ready to take on the business world!  Conveniently, I came across this really fab nail polish color that same week.  Fate ... the color is by the Nicole label (by OPI) and is called "The Next CEO".

Nothing says corporate power diva quite like "The Next CEO" nail polish!

So, in addition to buying myself a bottle of this great color, I stocked up (no easy task since every store seemed to be sold out of this color!) and challenged myself to give a few of my fellow corporate divas a sweet surprise.  In addition to wrapping the polish, I tasked myself to write each woman a card to tell them how fab they are and what specifically inspires me about them.  I know that when they receive this their day will be a little brighter and it may just give them that little boost to make their week that much smoother and positive!

This was such a fun little treat to brighten a friend's day!  Give it a whirl!

~charmed b

June 10, 2011

Backyard Challenge: The Porch

One thing is certain when it comes to projects that Dear Hubs and I are supervising, when we make a decision to get moving on something ... we move, and fast.  I'm pleased as punch to report that the Phase 1 of the backyard challenge (the screened in porch) gets a checkmark in the "Complete" column!

The "before" pictures were posted on this posting last week.  First things first, to make the vision a reality, we ripped off, removed and expanded bigger and better the existing deck; making it the perfect foundation for the screened in porch.  Then, the new structure with roof was put in place pretty quickly, painted and stained.  After that ... the fun part (for me) ensues and I get busy locating appropriate furniture and accessories to round out the new outdoor room.  While the surrounding landscape will still take some time to rehabilitate and finalize (future phase), the space is otherwise complete and ready to be lived in on the inside!


Directive to contractor "Whatever you do, don't kill my hydrangea!"

All in a day's work!  Well, maybe two or three days :)

Since I'm a mosquito magnet and we don't have an outdoor deck just yet (future phase), we decided to make the screened in porch a dual purpose space with a dining table and a seating area.  So far, it's worked perfectly and I love that we can enjoy this room for both relaxing and reading as well as a shady bug free spot to enjoy a meal.  From previous redecorating projects and patio furniture that was still in good shape, we were only a few key pieces shy of having a fully decorated outdoor room.  Those needs were quickly filled with some determined shopping and collecting of the finishing pieces!

Furniture from Home Depot, Martha Stewart collection

Spacious table with room enough to pull up additional chairs

Antique milk crate, perfect for storing magazines!

Sugar mold, fleur de lis and a small plant round out the coffee table

Now, all is in place and I've spent many a morning reading my WSJ and many an evening reading my current book club book from the comforts of my comfy settee. Zsa Zsa even passed along a little zen water fountain to keep me company until I can decide what larger water feature is appropriate for the space. I just can't rave enough about how necessary a screened in porch is to make these hot southern summer days bearable!

So if you stop by, ya'll know where to find me!
~charmed b

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