May 10, 2012

The Best: Travel Edition Fashion

Ya'll... I swear ... I am currently uploading the picture library from my work travels last week to Austria.  That's right ... not my usual Texas hot spot of Austin ... and no, not to be confused with previously visited Australia ... but AUSTRIA. 

I'm convinced days are moving more rapidly in my world than ever.  That said, I found a few moments to squirrel away and multi-task some site seeing out of my most recent trip abroad.  It was fab.  If the mothership (aka work) said to pick up the southern diva family that is mine and transport them to the far away land that is Europe I'd be sold (note ...I said southern diva with full regard for the fact Zsa Zsa and the entire crew might be in tow!. 

Anywho ...loved every minute and a pic review is forthcoming.

Until then, feel cozy in the few travel fashion tips every belle must know. 

Prepping for a ten hour flight will definitely challenge even the most frequent of flyers regular travel routine.  I have the coast to coast domestic thing down pat, but the thought of sitting in (gasp) coach for ten hours is something that this diva had to prep a bit to conquer.  Luckily, I pulled on a few of my travel fashion faves to spend the flight in comfort (and high fashion).
First fave … my lululemon vinyasa scarf.  Gosh, I just love this cutie pie!  It’s a warm (but not too warm) and ever so versatile.  The scarf has athletic snaps that let this heavy duty all purpose scarf do just about anything from be a blanket throw, to a shrug, to a cape, to a scarf and pretty much anything in between.  It’s absolutely so fab and is my new standby staple for almost all situations!  Lululemon proves they do more than zen athletic apparel well this time.  I'm pretty sure I wore it each and every way possible in the first few hours!  Love!

Second fave … my Toms.  Who knew I’d fall in love with a pair of flat shoes!  While I almost always sport AT LEAST four inch heels, these flats have saved me in a pinch and fit well in my laptop bag.  They definitely come in handy when walking half a mile to a meeting in the Financial District in San Fran or a long flight like this one at hand.  I opted for a stitch out pair and they are just presh with rolled up jeans (since all my jeans are too long for flats) or a cute black romper.  

Truth me known, what diva can only buy one pair?  I am also the proud owner of a pair of cute wedges that are about to become a summer staple.  Hey ... I'm doing good here!  Tom's provides a pair of shoes to a child / person in need for every pair we buy.  So, I like to think that FINALLY someone appreciates my shoe obsession and it's paying off!  Not only are they comfy, but they do some good!  Aren't they just darling?