May 23, 2012

Roswell Ramble

Just a few weekends back, the Georgia Preservation Trust hosted their bi-annual ramble in my sweet hometown of Roswell.  The ramble is a three day event to tour several stately southern estates, plus in this case many more homes, gardens and showcases.  My dear friend TreyTrey, a fab architect and designer in his own right, turned me onto the event and I’m so thrilled we were able to make it to some of this ramble.
On Sunday, Dear Hubs and I dropped the babe with Zsa Zsa and Dear Ole’ Dad for the morning and went to the Smith Plantation for brunch and a tour.  The Smith Plantation belonged to my dad’s cousins (I guess that makes them mine too) until it was willed to the city back in the 1990s.  I have such vivid memories of meeting Cousin Jimmy at the Wendy’s in Roswell as a child, enjoying a kids Frostie and then heading over to the old house where he stayed when he was in town. 

 Touring as a rambler years later was such a wild experience.  While the gardens are more cheery and kept and the home hosts many on tours daily, other things are exactly as I remember them; the kitchen, Mammie’s room and the guest quarters.  Zsa Zsa was actually gifted lamps like those pictured below years ago.  The kitchen is a cookie cutter image of the one in my mind from countless childhood visits.  And, wildest of all, the photo of the floral trays below tripped me out the most.  I bought an EXACT set of these from an antique dealer about five years back.  Who knew they were a decorating deja vu moment from this wonderful place!

For more information about the Smith Plantation, check it out here.  Here’s some pics I snapped on my first chance to be a tourist at the old house.

Enjoy the tour - it's a beauty!