May 25, 2012

Staycation Day

With thoughts of vacation, beach, spas, crafty ideas and lots of other NON work ideas on the brain, I decided it was time to take it easy and give myself a day off work.  While I'm sure the boss man appreciates this self proclaimed day off, I know it was much needed and I'll be super productive as a result.  Hey, most days that evil "w" word topic gets a great portion of my time so I don't feel guilty one bit taking a few hours off. 

My staycation day yesterday was a huge success and I had such a fun day.  Here's how it went ...

Started like every other.  Cuddle time with this guy and a healthy dose of Super Food to start the day.

Followed shortly by a fab (and overdue) massage at Spa Sydell.  I must confess ... they have multiple locations but the spa at the Forum (conveniently closest to me!) is the best.  It's one of the newer locations and has the best atmosphere.  I treated myself to an ocean scent creme purchase while there.  Hey ... it's vacation, right?

You could tell me I could have an hour to shop at Neimans or an hour at Whole Foods and / or Trader Joe's... I'd be so torn on which offer I'd take.  J'adore a good visit to my fave grocers!  I had a leisure stroll through Trader Joe's and stocked up on our household faves including the pain du chocolat (chocolate croissants).  They are to.die.for!

After filling my buggy to the brim, I headed over for an (overdue) hair appointment with my pal and stylist J.  He's decided I have "Cher hair" because it's so stinkin long now.  Let's say we took a good few inches off and you can hardly even tell.  I'm sure at some point, long blonde flowing locks will no longer be acceptable.  But, as long as I claim to be in my 20s (cough, cough) I can sport the look, right? 

  After getting the do done, next stop ... golf course.  Dear Ole' Dad joined me for a round.  The weather was beautiful, company was lovely, course conditions great, my game ... well, let's just say it wasn't my finest golfing moment.  Fear not my beloved work, I won't be quitting anytime soon to join the LPGA!

That last pic was hole 14 on our course.  It's what I call redemption. I had a stellar tee shot and for the first time, possibly ever, didn't shoot left and into someone's backyard (or roof).  I was so thrilled that it actually left me feeling reasonably decent about the entire round! 

After 18 holes, I adjourned home, made homeade falafel and Greek Salads for dinner and spent the last few hours of staycation staining our backyard fire pit chairs and retaining wall.  While not exactly vacation, they will be stained, dry and ready for this weekend which I couldn't be happier about!

Cheers to staycation!