November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween

We celebrated the scariest day of the year in good style around these parts.  Baby B woke up and headed off to school (unusual for a Wednesday) to participate in the Halloween Parade.  It was the cutest darn thing to watch all of the preschool classes march their costumed selves around the balloon lined walk way outside the school.  Like a good mommy, I stood and froze my derriere off for a good 45 minutes waiting on the festivities (that's love). 

The original costume of choice for Baby B was Bam Bam from the Flintstones.  How cute would that have been - little boy running around with his baseball bat as he always has.  He would have just loved it.  Well, when temps were threatening near freezing range, the thought of a half naked baby was just too terrible to imagine.  And, if you toss tons of layers under his little Bam Bam costume ... it just wouldn't be cute (or make sense), so ... we pulled out the tried and true pumpkin suit!  The good news - it's warm and conducive to layers.  And thus, Baby B was a darling pumpkin, hat and all, this year!

When the walkers class finally surfaced, Baby B was proudly walking and holding the hand of one of his teachers.  He was so darn cute and all smiles as his adoring fans oggled over the cute littles in costumes.  All that was fine and good until he spotted mommy in the crowd.  Then, he made a bee line straight for me, which meant that to continue in the parade ... mommy joined the walkers class. 

After we did an elaborate bait and switch with one of the teachers, Baby B's day at school continued without a hitch.  He crafted and did all of the fun things that the walkers class does.  Proudly, he came home with a decorated pumpkin.  And, while I'm not sure if the oddly feathered two eyed (the other is under the feathers) pumpkin is a masterpiece or should be examined, I sure think it's just darling.

Once we completed our afternoon nap time, we headed over to sweet bestie A's house for a fall party prior to trick or treat.  Guest stops with a few other friends to say hello, Baby B officially trick or treated one or two houses and then marched himself home. 


I guess when the baby goes home, he's trying to tell you he's had enough?  The child seriously walked (and knew where to cross the street to get home) at least 5 houses with Dear Hubs chasing behind him.  When we arrived home and everyone shed layers of coats and costumes, we dined on BBQ chicken pizza and salad.  Zsa Zsa and Pops were on hand with a giant pumpkin shaped cupcake for Baby B to enjoy as well.  Enjoy he did (and cover everything in orange frosting!)!  Once bellies were all full, Baby B called it a night, surprisingly close to his normal bedtime too!   

All in all, it was a successful and fun Halloween.  Now, onto November for more festive events and fun!