November 05, 2012

Sweet Treats

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We had a few of our sweet friends over this weekend to enjoy some good times, good football and good food together!  After a delish dinner of smoked chicken wings, bbq pork tenderloin, corn casserole, brocolli slaw and pasta salad (thanks friends for bringing such yummy sides), we turned our attention to the desserts!

I love caramel apples and nothing feels more fall to me than one of them, but let's face it - they are a fiasco to try to eat in public and reserve any amount of manners!  So, I opted for caramel apple dippers for a sweet treat and of course, we noshed on those carrot cake whoopie pies, fresh from the oven!

The dippers were a snap to make.  Simply buy the pre-sliced apple wedges (because they don't turn brown quickly) and skewer them with a craft stick, lollipop stick or kabob skewer.  I had small craft sticks on hand and they worked perfect(and both ends are rounded so no littles will poke themselves).

Caramel was displayed in a jar and toppings were there for the grabbing.  Assembly couldn't be easier.  Just take an apple stick, dip in caramel and top with tasty toppings.  Voila!

This is one that I must remember!  Real cute and super easy - just like I like it!