November 06, 2012

Vote 2012: Anxiously Waiting

Polls are closed here now, but we woke up early this morning and were pleasantly surprised by the nice conditions, donuts and coffee, short lines and expedient process to VOTE this morning.  After a long day at the office, I rushed home to prep a quick but patriotic dinner to celebrate election day 2012!  We dined on a festive red, white and blue display and watched as each state has been announced.

Our Menu included:
Uncle Sammies
(BBQ and Cole Slaw Sliders)
Red, White and Blue Nachos
(Blue Chips w Cheese Dip and Bell Pepper)
Stars and Stripes Fruit
(Blueberries, Strawberries with Whipped Topping and Sprinkles)


A few flags dotted around on the dough bowl display added a festive touch.

And the best, of course ... tiny containers of Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream (my personal fave) gave a sweet and patriotic tribute for dessert!

Red state, blue state ... too early to call this one - it will definitely be a long night!