November 10, 2012

Slow Saturdays

Slow is a relative term around here.  We run at the speed of chaos most days, but Saturday mornings afford us a few moments to slow down, catch up on the stack of 500 magazines, watch cartoons and drink PLENTY of coffee. 

After our trip to Napa last month, Dear Hubs and I are hooked on French Press coffee.  There's something more fancy glamorous about making coffee with this method than the traditional pot.  Not  to mention, it does indeed taste fab!  I bought my press on Amazon - easy to find and not expensive actually. 

My new mug is a gift to moi from moi, compliments of a little gift shop around here called elle b gifts.  I just adore the set!  That with a new copy of Food & Wine (a fave) magazine as well as many, many more are set for the reading. 

Once I conquer this leisure style for a few minutes, perhaps I'll set out on something more active today!  Hmmm... there are those oyster topiaries I need to make, that run I need to go on, those drapes I was considering starting, that work I needed to catch up on, the Charmed Life Kids that needs shipping and many more ideas on how to spend the morning.  Yep ... better get crackin!

Happy Saturday, y'all!