September 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes

I guess it would make sense that unless you have a newborn babe, you wouldn't know exactly how those adorable baby photo shoots happen and what's involved with snapping those cute perfectly sweet moments.  In my blissful ignorance, I just assumed that the photographers snapped five billion shots and hoped that some of them turned out, but that was waaaaaayyyyyyy off.  Instead, a calculated routine is completed that lulls the baby into a deep sleep.  Then, the photographer, with all of their talents; molds the babe like a big ball of clay into the cute poses you see in the pic.  It is truly an art form and somewhat amazing. 

For Baby B's newborn shots, we used the talented Jody Lynn of Jody Lynn Photography.  If you are in the Atlanta area, she's fantastic with children and you should definitely check her out!

Here's a few pics of her behind the scenes footage as she captures the adorable images we just love of Baby B in his first few weeks on this Earth. 

And, the finished product just couldn't be any cuter!  Is it crazy to buy prints of EVERY one of them???