September 20, 2011

Bee-st Weekend

It's official, fall is upon us and I couldn't be more pleased!  The leaves are starting to turn around these hilly parts and while I know we have at least one more flash of Indian Summer ahead, I'm giddy at the cooler temps I wake up to each day! 

We had a wonderful weekend this past week and had good times with family and friends as always.  Due to tennis matches, tailgate parties and nap schedules; we didn't make it to see our alma mater bumble bees take on and school Kansas on how the game of football is played this past Saturday.  Instead, I did my part by taking this adorable cake to our pot-luck tailgate party.  Ya'll will recall that this pan was deemed as one of my fave things and a gift for my birthday this past summer.  I just love it!  It was a hit; adorable AND tasty to boot!

And, I wouldn't be doing my part to show my Yellow Jacket pride if I didn't include this cutey.  Thanks to Jody Lynn, this adorable pic is now hanging in the entry to my basement rec room.  We love our Baby B :)!

Go Jackets - what's the good word!

~charmed, b