September 01, 2011

Zsa Zsa's Birthday

One thing is for certain, every year at the end of August, our family gathers together to celebrate Zsa Zsa's birthday.  You could set your watch by it.  Zsa Zsa just loves the fact that we all get together and have a family party in her honor.  And, the day wouldn't be complete without at least one proclaimation of "Happy Birthday to Me!".  It's actually very cute how much she just loves this day and I think her love for parties, celebrations, gift giving and time with family is what has instilled that same love in me and LaLa. 

This year, the weather complied and our celebration consisted of a lazy afternoon together capped off by a BIG low country boil.  A fam favorite ... the low country boil consisted of plenty of crab legs, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.  Just when we thought we didn't have any more room after the delish meal, we indulged in a homemade almond cake compliments of moi and ice cream. 

The delish crab legs are a fam fave - fresh from the boil!

Pasta salad in individual jars - tied up with a coordinating bow

Nana is ready to dig in!

The Birthday Cake - almond cake with buttercream frosting
Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa!

A wonderful meal and wonderful time with family ... this is what makes great memories!  Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa!