September 29, 2011

More Football Wreathes!

I guess I've gone overboard now ... my middle name may be "football wreath"!  I originally shared a few examples of this adorable wreath earlier this fall.  After making countless Georgia, Georgia Tech and who knows whatever other school football wreathes for family and friends; I've been recruited by War Eagle Friend J to make two MORE wreathes for J's friend.  J's darling wreathes have been featured on her front doors for two years now, and her friend just had to have a matching set!

And so ... it's back to Hobby Lobby I go.  This time in search for some additional orange and blue ribbon and perhaps a few Halloween odds and ends that are too irisistable to pass :).

My fave part of these projects is that each set turns out a bit differently and has its own creative personality.  So, dear J's friend ... hope you love them!

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