April 11, 2012

Double Double Southern Burger

Ya'll... if this were any more tasty and any more southern, I'd de'clare (note the apostrophy to get the appropriate dialect) this "Smack Yo' Mama Good".  Armed with a little free time after spending Saturday fixin' the yard, a large big green egg, desire to stay home and watch Master's highlights and a wild hair to create something delish... Dear Hubs and I created this masterpiece. 

Now, I'm a burger girl ... that's true, but this was so fabulous I'll be dining on it again real soon!  The only name suitable for such a fancy treat is the Double Double Onion Bacon Fried Green Tomato Southern Burger.  Short and catchy, right?  For short, we call this fancy the Double Double Southern Burger. 

Here's how this southern belle gave this burger the name....
  • The patty is a mish mosh of ground beef, chopped bacon and minced onion.
  • Cooked to perfection on the big green egg.
  • Topped with American cheese (only the finest).
  • Slide on some crispy bacon.
  • Slathered in 1,000 Island dressing.
  • With a fried green tomato and bibb lettuce for a dose of veggies.
  • Served on an onion roll.
It's a meal on it's own.  Well, maybe that's because I snacked on the extra fried green tomatoes while I was waiting for the big debute!  My Christmas gift, cast iron skillet, came in handy here!

Since it was nice out, the Double Double Southern Burger was served with veggies from the grill and washed down with a lovely Arnold Palmer.