April 09, 2012

Egg-cellent Easter

I'm often reminded about how blessed I am.  Good family, friends and days like yesterday to reflect on the fact that in addition to these I serve a risen Savior and am blessed by the grace of God.  We started our Easter at church, where Baby B was asked to participate by adding flowers to the Christ cross.  Yes, this was a big deal and required the assistance of an older child to actually pull off :).

After church, we shifted gears and celebrated opening Easter baskets at the homestead before shipping off for family lunch with Dear Ole Dad, Zsa Zsa and Lala. 

We had a great meal and spent the afternoon soaking up every ounce of a wonderful Sunday afternoon together. 

Peep-tini cocktails kicked off the afternoon.  The trick to get Mr. Peep to stick to the glass is to cut a slit in the bottom using kitchen sheers.   

Followed by a beautiful meal and tablescape, compliments of Zsa Zsa.  I just love how she used a roll of moss for placemats - is that creative or what? 

My Peep Parfait was delish.  Angel food cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries just can't be beat (unless you top it with Peeps!)

Sweet frosted sugar cookies from Lala - I resisted eating and took mine home for a much later.

More Easter baskets.  I brought strawberry "baskets" for everyone and Baby B lucked out with a million treats!

And we rounded out the afternoon with some fun at the park!

Happy Easter, ya'll!