April 03, 2012


I'm just pleased as punch to share a little Easter crafty I whipped up.  I caved this year and bought one of those giant plastic egg sets at Hobby Lobby.  You know the one, you just can't miss these gi-normous monster eggs that are places decoratively in the front yards and porches of your neighborhood.  They are all the rage around these parts.  Well, I bought my little set because the er... Easter bunny ... yeah, that's right, wanted a big blue one for Baby B's little Easter basket.  The big blue egg came with a still very large purple egg, a midsized pink egg and a not so small green egg stacked inside.

Since I really didn't have a use for three crazy color plastic eggs, I did what any good southern diva can do with such a situation ... I spray painted those babies gold!  My proud southern DNA makes me a whiz with a can of spray paint ... it's a deep rooted, ancestrial gift.

I started by unevenly spraying a misty gold finish on the eggs.  Yes, Dear Hubs ... the streaks and lines and over run situations were ON PURPOSE this time!  I swear, you get carried away painting one time and never live it down around these parts!  As I was saying, I started by spraying the eggs gold.

Then, I took it a step further and added some rough patches of golf leafing for texture, color and overall blotchy natural bedazzled effect (that's a good term I must remember!). 

Each of the eggs was put atop a planter or urn with moss, grass or other goodness. And, while I swear the crease where the eggs are put together is far more obvious in these pictures than in person, the trio sits on my dining room table as a very elegant festive arrangement. I couldn't be more pleased!

Hoppy Easter, ya'll!