April 05, 2012

A Note of Thanks

Just shy of Baby B celebrating his first nine months with us, I couldn't be more reminded that it truly takes a village to raise him.  Sure, I like to think I'm Wonder Woman and have this thing covered ... but let's face it ... between a crazy work schedule, travel, Dear Hubs work, our activities and so on; sometimes things get a little hairy when the plan needs to shift gears. 

On more than one occassion, my sweet friends and lucky enough to be neighbors; bestie P, D and K have come to the rescue (aka the desperate housewives).  I try my best to repay then whenever I can and I am forever grateful for the help in a pinch that they can sometimes provide. 

These days, I'm a big fan of cute notepads.  Let's face it - if I don't write it down these days ... it doesn't get done :).  So, when I saw these cuties, I snapped up enough for the girls too!  Embellished with a cute tag that said "Just a note to say thanks", these little dolls made their way to the mailboxes of the besties so they know how much we care. 

Thanks again, girls!  Ya'll are life savers (oh .... that might be the next sweet surprise!).