June 04, 2012

Austria State of Mind

I've heard of a New York state of mind ... but after a fast work trip to Salzburg, Austria; I've been in an Austrian state of mind!  Why you ask?  Well ... one look at these pics and you just might be as well. 

While overdue since my trip, I finally gathered my thoughts and am happy to share my top five reasons this place is such a delight!

Beautiful view from dinner at the art museum.  It doesn't get much better!

  • First ... it's a gorgeous city rich with history.  The streets tell the stories of those that walked there before.  The buildings walls speak to the tenants that lived and worked in the same place before.  The castle tells a story of protecting this charming hidden beauty from war and threats. 
  • Second ... lush countryside and beautiful nature abounds.
  • Third ... Mozart lived here and the city still sings for him.
  • Fourth ... the food and beer.  Every bite from bavarian pretzels, big plates of schnitzel and did I mention the beer?  All so delishly tasty I came home with an extra 5 lbs.
  • Fifth ... the Mozart ball candy.  It's a gem!  My local partners sent me this candy on special holidays in year's past and this time I took the opportunity to stock up on my own stash!
  • Bonus number six ... bicycles are EVERYWHERE.  From my colleagues that bike to work (looking like the perfect J.Crew ad with a preppy blue sports coat, pink gingham button down with matching pocket square on a bike with the perfect market basket ... no lie!) to the townspeople out for dinner with their doggy bags in those big charming market baskets on the front of their bike ... I'm in love.