June 11, 2012

Gone Fishin

Mid last week, Dear Hubs set off on his deep sea fishing excursion with some of the fellas around these parts.  They had a great time and caught enough fish for us to have more than a few fish fry events this summer! 

Well, while the boys were away, bestie P and I rounded up the littles and headed to the club for the annual crab boil.  Y'all... I anxiously wait for this meal each and every year.  The club rolls out the brown craft paper across what feels like miles of tables and spreads tasty crab legs, shrimp, crawfish, sausage, potatoes and corn for all of us to feverishly chow down on!  Let's face it, there's nothing dainty about eating crab legs!  But gosh, those crustaceans are just tops! 

We sat outside, listened to a fab little band and ate... and ate ... and ate.  When we finished eating more than our eyes and tummies could handle, the littles ran around and played on the lawn while bestie P and I sipped a nice glass of wine! 

Our drive home in the golf cart consisted of "bunny hunting" where we play a game of looking for all the little bunnies along the path and seeing how many jump away swiftly as we approach.  After a quick change into swim trunks for the older littles, it was off to the pool for "Dive in Movie" night.  While Baby B wasn't having it and was ready for bed, I understand it was a fab event filled with dj music, snow cones, popcorm and the Smurf movie.  Maybe next time, Baby B!

After our Friday staycation drew to a close, Dear Hub's notified us that due to horrible storms along the coast, he would be heading home Saturday.  His arrival home was met with "gone fishin" cupcakes.  We had so many that we shared a few with some of the littles down the street as a nice treat. 

To assemble the fishing rods, I used barber pole straws and tied a little baker's twine to make a rod and string.  Multi-color gummy fish were tied around the tail to make a cute catch!  Peach rings made the perfect life preservers and extra fish jumped around the waves of blue frosting on other cupcakes.  These were a smash with the littles that received them and Dear Hubs was impressed that we missed him enough to whip these up for his arrival.  Of course, we missed him! 

So, as the storms moved north on Sunday and the rain came down around these parts ... at least we had fishin cupcakes to keep us occupied and thinking of beachy times!