June 27, 2012


I have such fond memories as a child of attending summer Vacation Bible School at the churchs' of my youth.  It was a fun time to learn stories of the Bible, participate in fun games, sing Christian songs and have a good ole' time.  Of course, Zsa Zsa was in the throws of it all coordinating carnival style games, themes and everything imaginable on a shoe string church budget. 

Well, have times changed.  The gals of my Sunday School class signed me up to help out at our recent VBS and boy was I in for a rude awakening!  Instead of popsicles ... these kids had a snow cone truck TWICE.  Instead of a sprinkler or water balloons ... these kids had a GIANT inflatable water slide.  Yep, my my how times change. 

Each night the sweet girls behind all this madness would give out treats to those of us doing hard time with the littles.  The theme this year was the camping and outdoors related and so this little treat was a great snack to tide over the hungry appetites that can only come from wrangling the wild ones after snow cones!

From the front ... a simple granola bar.... a fitting snack for our wilderness excursion....

On the flip side, a sweet note that fits with the theme.  Too cute! 

These girls made managing this many littles look like a breeze.  Loved every minute of our fantastic, service filled week!