June 05, 2012

Tiffany Styled Fete

I love my dear bestie M for so many reasons.  She's been with me through bad dorm experiences, first apartments, funny stories to no end, trips and vacations, bridesmaid duty and weddings, children and so much more.  One thing that I just love about her is how sneaky creative she is.  I am thoroughly convinced that her time served as an elementary school teacher has made her a very creative soul (how can you not be with all that energy running around your feet?).  Nonetheless, she never ceases to amaze me with perfect parties and thoughtful details. 

Recently, bestie M hosted a shower for her other bestie and my dear sweet old roomie C (are you following this?).  The party was a smash and she had so many great details I had to share.  When I was busted with the iphone taking pictures, she jokingly asked if this was for "the blog" and when I said yes, she gave creative authoring for many of her ideas to pinterest.  Oh, no ... no ... this was all you dear M.

Each detail was charming and left the guests guessing "how did she come up with that?" at every turn.  Sweet, darling and full of love for dear C.  Here's a few quick snaps I could sneak in ... hey, I was a guest so full paparatzi just wasn't appropriate :).  One of these days, I'll need to snatch M's camera so I can get the full download of pics!

Sweet treats displayed.  Champagne cupcakes, Tiffany package petit fors ... darling!

The buffet.  Love the cheese "wedding cake" featured in the center. 

Fruit filled waffle cones.  Divine.

A labor of love.  Big flowers and ribbon deck out regular plastic cups for design flare.

I'll be sure to remember to call bestie M before my next fete ... her creativity and sassy execution is one for the books!