June 28, 2011

Favorite Things

I feel a little like Julie Andrews singing "raindrops on roses" as she gleefully shared her favorite things as part of The Sound of Music.  Or maybe even Oprah, as she hosted her giveaway show each Christmas season.  You know the one, where she would belt out "a new car" in that booming voice only Oprah can do, stirring the crowd to wildly jump to their feet.  Well, for my little ol' birthday this weekend, I too had a wonderful time celebrating and received a few of the things from my very own favorite things list.  As they always do; my family spoiled me just about rotten with some wonderful gifts that just hit the spot!

Zsa Zsa and Dear ol' Dad secured the much anticipated Williams Sonoma honeybee pull apart cake pan for me.  I'm over the moon about this one and can't wait to make my first honey glazed pull apart cake! 

Lala searched high and low for a Low Country Luxe candle in the Gullah scent.  I just love the florals of magnolia and gardenia - this candle captures the south just perfectly!  And since our local fave shop doesn't carry these any more, I'm fairly certain Lala had to "import" this direct from Savannah!

And the highly sought after Michael Kors Chronography watch in champagne gold is now keeping my arm company! I just love it and know it's the perfect accessory for everyday wear!  Thank you Dear Hubs for minding the "why do you want a men's watch?" questions and getting this for me anyways :)!

To get back into my workout routine in style, Dear Hubs also surprised me by buying out the Under Armour display at the local sports store and created a very adorable gift; including a new gym bag, yoga mat and new high fashion duds.  (Sidebar - I'm beginning to think my cellophane wrapping, big bow tying and all out love for wrapping themed gifts is beginning to rub off on him.  It was actually really well done - especially for a boy!)

Dear MIL and FIL know exactly the type of things I like ... they found this so perfect diamond fleur de lis necklace (terrible pic - apologies) and shipped it to Atlanta for my special day.  I just love it!

What did I tell you?  SPOILED ROTTEN!  If that isn't enough, the parental unit and Lala also gave me an oh so generous amount of cash to get myself the new flared leg 7 for All Mankind jeans that Rachel Zoe has been endorsing and a new belt for fall!

So while my "big gift" of Baby B's arrival is still delayed, I'd say I had a pretty big celebration still!  Thank you, family and much love!  xoxo

~charmed b