August 31, 2011


Things have been a bit busy around these parts this summer.  New baby, new business, home projects ... you name it - when our family decides to get busy, we can certainly pile it on.  One of my latest projects has been to prep a playroom for Baby B.  I know, I know ... what in the world does a 6 week old need a playroom for???  I'd agree, but when all of the toys started piling up even before his arrival; it was decided that a playroom was in order to keep everything orderly and ready for fun.  Sure, Baby B won't use it for a while, but for not it makes a great place for fun when our friends come to visit!

Since the usefulness of this room could be debated by some (especially Dear Hubs), I wanted to be sure to do this on the cheap.  I'm not talking Pottery Barn outlet "cheap" ... I'm talking like give new life to what you have and make it cute cheap!  Outside of a few $1 finds at Target, a few pieces of art that couldn't be passed up and some inexpensive throw pillows ... we conquered the challenge!  Here's a few sneak peak pics of the funnest room in the house (if you are Baby B)!

An old armoire given new life with a little chalkboard paint!  I painted the inserts with the left over  paint from this project.  The owl painting was done by moi and the Playroom sign is compliments of GoJumpInTheLake on etsy!

A chalkboard eisel makes the perfect place for friends to leave Baby B a sweet note.  The marionette was a gift from Bestie C from an adorable toy store in NYC!

More sweet art from GoJumpInTheLake.  Fabric from Forsyth Fabrics and pillows from Target.

Window treatments featuring so cute dogs in multicolor sweaters and coordinating dot valences.  

~charmed, b

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