November 29, 2011

An Atlanta Right of Passage

What'll ya have!  What'll ya have!
If you are from these parts, you know EXACTLY how to say that just like they do at the greatest drive in on the planet ... the Varsity.  It's an Atlanta right of passage and that's putting it lightly. 

Since 1928, the world's largest drive in has been serving the finest naked dogs, o-rings, slaw dogs, chilli burgers and Varsity orange drinks that's just tops in my book.  It's iconic as far as local history goes, and I just love that Frank Gordy and my grandfather actually knew one another and attended the North Avenue Trade School together around the same time Mr. Gordy opened the legendary spot. 

Dear Hubs and I both share a secret love for the Varsity and I'm convinced the older I get the more I actually love this place!  Oddly enough, we probably dine on the greasy cuisine a few times a year now that we live far away out in the burbs ... but when we went to good ole' GT; neither of us ate there all that much.  And, a few weeks back, Dear Hubs and I ventured for a day downtown with Baby B and some out of town guests.  It was so fun to introduce Baby B to his first Varsity experience.  I'm sure there are many more in his future.

And ssshhhhh..... this part is a secret :)!  There's a smashing new book out that commemorates the wonderful history of the Varsity; all of the celebrity sightings, special events and so many fun nuggets you just can't stop flipping through the pages.  This book is getting wrapped up special for two special recipients who share my love of the Varsity and placed under our tree this very afternoon!