November 08, 2011

A Thankful Tradition

After a long month of spooks and jack-o-lanterns, I must confess it felt really good to pack up all the Halloween spooks and move to our November reflections of why we are thankful.  From November 1 until Thanksgiving, the big folks in the house (that means Baby B gets a pass this year), take a moment daily to jot down something we are thankful for.  It can be silly or it can be serious, but it's such a great exercise to take a moment and say thanks for something. 

This year, we are using an adorable template from Silverbox for our giving thanks chain.  The process is simple, write your note and toss it into the large apothocary jar.  Then, every few days, I form the thankful note into a a circle (thanks scotch tape!) and add it to our chain.  At the end, we will add the year and put it away for safe keeping.  I think it will be fun to look back at these every year and see all the wonderful reasons we have to say thanks!

Grab a pen and be thankful!

Our growing collection of thanks!