November 22, 2011

Gobble On

If you know me you know that I am:
a.) A sucker for every holiday
b.) Love adorable printed items
c.) A huge fan of the "Keep Calm" collection of British phrased best

Now that we have established these truths, it's no surprise that this adorable printable found its way to my kitchen island to accompany this year's thankful project.  You can download this and a few other adorable Keep Calm sentiments over on this site.  I'm sure Dear Hubs would have my head examined if I printed ALL of them, so we simplified and went with this one as my fave.  Baby B seems to be a fan and stares at this sign the entire time he dines on applesauce and carrots.  It's a hoot!

If you are in a pinch for some last minute cuties to round out your Thanksgiving feast - check these out and I'm sure you will find one you just love!