November 01, 2011

Baby Boos

If memory serves (and who knows how reliable that is these days) .... we were deemed the "Fab Five" our freshman year of college by our older, and somewhat wiser sorority sisters.  Through the years a few tweeks to the actual "five" have been made and it's more like a Super Seven or Excellent Eight on most days.  All that said, these girls and I have been besties since the first days we stepped foot on the grand old campus of Georgia Tech.

We endured countless antics that I just can't divulge without giggling my heart out and I'm pretty sure would violate some oath we took betwen ourselves at some point.  It's safe to say that these girls have more to laugh with and at me about than most others on the planet and it's a pleasant surprise that we all survived to tell (or not) our tales. 

Our friendship will always be and while know we are less (much less) likely to be found on the stage at Happy Day dancing until the wee hours of the morning or drinking bar mats and singing kareoke at BW3 with our fellow frat boy friends (and a few kind homeless bums), it's so fun to get together with these girls and pick up giggling just as if time stood still.

Thanks to an afternoon (and evening) watching football together, baby baptisms for T and M's little girls, J's little miss K's birthday and the final fete of the series; M's little boy B's party .... we had the fun of seeing each other FOUR weeks in a row!  As you can imagine, with all the littles, that is an impressive stat!

Here are a few pics of our get together and attempt to get all the littles together in costume for one fabulous Halloween pic!

The girls with the little baby boos!

M and her little G (oldest of the babes)

M and her little buddy B

G was none too thrilled to be a pumpkin :)

J and little miss lady bug K
Monkey B

S and J with miss K