February 08, 2012

Always Room For Bacon

This is bestie R posing for a quick pic with Dear Hubs (I'm going to be crucified for posting this pic).  They are a perfect match.  Bestie R is a fabulous chef.  She spoiled us all rotton with her gourmet treats while on vaca.  Dear Hubs likely thought he died and went to heaven, because like many of us (me included) Dear Hubs has a soft spot in his heart for a fine piece of swine ... that's right he's a sucker for bacon :). 

Bestie R whipped up the savory treat by the slab for breakfast ....

We were dazzled by a dessert tray featuring chocolate covered bacon....

And as shocking as it may sound, bacon also made it's way into our milkshakes!  What's crazier, after dining on it (and even converting a few skeptics to give it a try) I found out that this little gem is being piloted in many restaurants as a new staple!  Who knew???

Overall, we tested the versatility limits of one of our favorite meats and learned it's so much more than just a breakfast staple or the "B" of "BLT".  Thanks bestie R for some good grub and some even better bacon!