February 28, 2012

Sweet Way to Say Thanks

My dear friend A is a doll.  She has a little boy, a little girl on the way and impecable taste when it comes to designer fashions for her little tot!  Since baby 2 is a girl, she has been so kind as to pass a few perfect finds my direction for Baby B.  How lucky are we to inherit big name fashions WITH the tags still attached.  Lucky day!

To tell her we appreciate her thinking of us, a little treat now and again is in order.  I know A's little boy would just love these, and maybe her preggo cravings would dig them too!

Sweet heart shaped, fruity marshmellows are packaged up with a cute bow and a "You're a real sweetheart" tag.  I know these won't go to waste.  Thanks sweet A for the picture perfect duds for Baby B!