February 14, 2012

Lovely Roundup

It's been non-stop around these parts and we did our very best to slow the fast forward speed just enough to have a few fun, festive Valentine moments.  Dear Hubs and Baby B surprised me with sweet cards, a dozen roses and a gift certificate for a deluxe pedicure (much needed before my Puerto Rico trip next week).  And, in return, I begged a little help from the cheery cherub, Cupid, to put forth a fabulous Cupid's Top 5 countdown to celebrate.

Fun balloons that Baby B thought were super silly!

One of our 5 day countdown treats.  A little alligator and an alligator bracelet, complete with a "I'd snap at the chance to be your Valentine" tag!

A sweet breakfast to get in the Valentine's mood.  Belgium waffles topped with bananas and fruity heart marshmellows were a delish treat!

A batch of heart shaped cinnamon rolls were left for Dear Hubs before I headed out of town this week.  To make these so simple treats (thanks pinterest), simply cut a small slit in the premade (Pillsbury) rolls.  Form a heart shape with your hands.

Baby B and the diva dogs tore into their Valentine's loot and then all checked out what the others received.  Dear Hubs also received a gift of my love and something I know he'll enjoy - a nice bottle of scotch!  Baby B received his current favorite Thomas the Train dvd and train toy.  Sheila received a leopard print bone dog toy fit for a diva, and Colby received a football throw toy.  All the toys are sure to be loved!

And while you would never know it from the pics, I really don't make a huge deal out of this day.  Every day is a reason to celebrate and tell your friends and family how much they mean to you.  Hope you had a wonderful Valentines. xoxo.