February 09, 2012

For the Love of Jimmy

In keeping with the February / Valentine's love theme of course :) today I must profess my love for one of my dear friends - hair stylist Jimmy.  There are likely thousands of reasons I could detail to outline my profession...
  • Perhaps it's because he is bluntly honest with me when my hair really needs to be cut about 6 inches because I'm starting to look like a blonde Cher
  • Perhaps it's because he gives me a hard time when I attempt to "just trim up my ends" using paper scissors at home
  • Perhaps it's because he threatened to break up with me the one time I tried an at home kit to color my hair (it was a disaster)
  • Or the fact he brings me sweet little travel sized goodies from time to time
While all of those might be true, we will just gloss over my hairy adventures in self service and focus on the fact he is so thoughtful and picks up a few little supplies for me.  Jimmy knows I am always on the go and bouncing from city to city, so he snatched these up for me and I was pleased as punch to get a text from him telling me of the new tiny size treasures.

The Matrix product line is a good ole' staple that keeps you coming back (even if you don't use it regularly).  But, I must admit, I'm smitten with the Kendra products he gathered up.  The hairspray is divine and the dry shampoo is pretty fabulous too! 

Thank you dear, sweet Jimmy for your personal service and saving the world one hair do at a time!  xoxo