March 07, 2012

Bulb Rewards

I'm convinced that gardening is natures way of making us patient.  Back breaking effort, close encounters with the wormy kind and dirt for miles is rewarded months later with beautiful flowers, lush greenery and the bounty that (if your lucky) is the pride of a pretty garden that lasts all spring and summer long. 

Last year, I dug and dug in our front little flower bed and this month my hard work paid off.  I'm just pleased as punch with the first daffodil bulbs that sprouted their pretty little heads.  Next up, tulips will fill in the gaps followed by agapanthus in the early summer.  I have always been a fan of the springly look of daffodils and tulips and became a lover of the beautiful purple agapanthus when I started travelling frequently to So Cali years ago.  How they keep those purple blossoms year round is enough to make any garden green! 

While the fall bulb season is well behind us, I'm just giddy to plant a series of gladiolus here this weekend!  I lucked into a super deal on these bulbs and bought no less than 50!  Sure, I'm not excited about the future back ache, but it will be worth it when these beauties grow this summer.  My best tip on glad bulbs, be sure to plant them close together and they definitely do best in a clump.  I learned the hard way in seasons prior ... nothing looks worse than a stringy single bulb sparcely placed in a flower bed.  This time, there's a giant mass of these slated for right next to my back porch!

In other gardening news, I am going to try my hand at a few planters of seeds as well once the weather warms a bit.  While I'm cautiously optimistic, rest assured if it works I'll be sure to share the good news!