March 26, 2012

Wedge Salads All Around

This salad changed my life.  Wait, not even my inner Scarlet O'Hara believes something so dramatic.  (I should totally do infomercials).  Ok, while that is not the case, this tasty treat was the perfect accompanyment for a delish dinner of filets on the Big Green Egg now that the temperature is at perfection here in the south. 

If you have spent more than 2.5 seconds in any fancy steakhouse or nice restaurant, I'm sure you have encountered their version of the gentleman's wedge ... or the traditional wedge salad for us less fancy folks!  Well, in a diva first, I made them at home and they were oh so easy and ever so tasty! 

Ya'll... this salad was to. die. for.  So ultimate yum and according to my principles of cooking - so very easy!  Make one and dazzle guests, heck ... even Zsa Zsa was impressed!

How To:
  • It's just a simple iceburge wedge.  Cut the head into 4 equal quarters.
  • Drizzle with a GOOD 1,000 island dressing
  • Top with bacon and tomato. 
  • The fancy ingredient ... shrimp! 

I'm telling ya'll.  It's that easy.  Look like a gourmet foodie chef in minutes by whipping this prize up!  It won't dissappoint!  Next time the boss is coming for a last minute supper or you need to impress the neighbors, just put one of these at their placesetting and I'm sure it will be devoured lickity split!

~charmed b