March 20, 2012

Private Social ... It's a Big D thing!

Last weekend on my quickie trip to the Big D, I ventured from my normal hot spot restaurants for a new place that absolutely did NOT dissappoint!  I love all things Texas.  Not sure why or how, but big hair and glitter are in my DNA and I'm a fan of this southern gem of a city. 

Ya'll may recognize the name Tiffany Derry from season 7 of Bravo's Top Chef.  Miss Tiffany was voted Fan Favorite and after eating her cuisine, I tend to agree.  Now, Tiffany spends her Thursday nights (yes, we caught a sneak peak of this culinary diva) at her new restaurant in Dallas, TX, Private Social.  While I tend to steer towards my favorites like a moth to a flame, when friend J suggested we try this new dish, I couldn't resist. 

From the Top Chef Pork Buns that made her famous on the show of the same name, to the full belly I left with after the Fried Green Tomato with Shrimp Ravigote ... everything was simply lovely.  Tiffany's mix of comfort food with an upscale twist really knows how to pull on my heartstrings.  Not to mention the elixir named "Skinny 2.0" from the bar that matched grapefruit vodka with champagne and mixed it up with homemade strawberry lavender bitters.  I don't care what you call it ... it was wonderful!  

After enough appetizers from the "social" menu to call it a day, Friend J and I decided best if we had two entrees to split :).  What a great decision this was!  We dined on the perfect Pan Seared Scallops with (fresh) lobster cream corn and a flavorful homemade Garganelli Pasta with marscapone cream sauce, hedge hog mushrooms, cherries and pine nuts.  Sadly, we were so stuffed that the thought of a dessert made our pants grow even smaller!

Perfect meal and perfect company ... I'll be back!  Thanks, Tiffany!

The pasta dish perfection

Simply divine scallops