March 12, 2012

Gone Green

As much as I'd like to pretend that this post is a public service announcement for the perils of our environment and the fact we must care for her at all costs ... sadly, it's not.  I'm talking about going a different shade of green.  In preparation for St. Pat's this coming weekend, our humble home has been transformed into a green machine just for the holiday.  In addition to the front door decor we typically sport for such an occassion, this cute little vignette has been put together for celebrating appropriately. 

My go to apothocary jar is filled with festive Lucky Charms ... yes, the cereal.  I know Dear Hubs has been eyeing it for a good few days wondering if he's actually permitted to eat the decor!  A small mint julip cup (they come in soooooo handy) is filled with small Irish flags just perfectly fit for the occassion.  And last, a few tiny Irish hats.  Perfectly sized for my little leprechaun!  Erin Go Bragh!