July 02, 2012

The Years

Well, if another birthday just didn't sneak up on me... I don't know what did.  It's a shame to look this good at 29 (again) ... (cough, cough). 

One day this will all be published in an epic best seller ... just you wait :).  Until then, each year, I pause for a moment on my big day and reflect on the lesson I have learned from this year in life. What's shocking, something ALWAYS stands out as the big life lesson I was intended to learn. 

So. as I partake in my 5th anniversary of my 29th anniversary ... join me for a look back:

33 - there are only 168 hours in a week. Sleep is optional.
Commentary at 34:  Baby B on the scene, small side business, demanding full time job and a boatload of pent up crafty decorating mojo ... yep ... never enough hours.  I'm hoping cloning is on deck for 34. 

32 - patience is indeed a virtue and a skill worth mastering, or at least trying
Commentary at 34:  Yep... still working on this.  Wow, I actually show progress here! 

31- it takes 10,000 hrs to be good at something
Commentary at 34:  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Success happens at the intersection of luck, hard work and GRIT. 

30-make a decision and don't look back
Commentary at 34:  I wish I knew this forever ago.  Baby B will get this lesson right away if I have anything to do with it!  A decision gets you most of the way there.  Right or wrong.

29 - life is much more complex than a self help book could tell you
Commentary at 34:  damn if that aint true.  If we could all be textbooks life would be full of masters.

28 - life is too short to be unhappy
Commentary at 34:  Amen.

27 - there's something to learn from everyone, some are things you want to emulate for personal development...others teach us things we never want to be or do
Commentary at 34:  see above.

26 - don't settle or accept no if you ae capable and believe
Commentary at 34:  I was so genius at 26.  Never settle.

25 - age is all relative
Commentary at 34:  I agree.  29 and feelin' fine!

Here's to the 5th anniversary of my 29th fete! May the years be kind and the laughter be plentiful!