August 27, 2012


Happy Birthday to the her royal fabulousness, grand supreme Zsa Zsa today!  She's celebrating the (cough, cough) something anniversary of her timelessness and all things spectacular today. 

My dear, sweet mama is one of those few wonderful people that remembers to make all a fuss when it's our day each year.  In return, we try to do things right by the queen and make sure we make a special effort to celebrate her day with her! 

Yesterday, we celebrated with the family.  It was a laid back afternoon affair complete with tons of gab, golf cart rides and giggles for all.  Oh, yes... and equally notable, Lala and I introduced Zsa Zsa and Dear Ole' Dad to the great treat that is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  If you haven't seen this gem on TLC, you are missing a little piece of trash tv heaven.  It's fab.

We dined on the fabulous food of Giorgio's (that's right ladies, the same restaurant that Constantine from the Bachelorette owns with his fam), gorged ourselves on pizza and kabobs, ate cake like it was our jobs and ended the day with presents for her fairest.  I must confess, the food at big G's is pretty darn tasty.  We have tried most everything and it's all a big hit.  Note, this diva HATES eating actually at the restaurant because the wine list leaves a lot to be desired.  But, food for food ... this place is pretty great (thanks bestie A for the intro years ago!).

Now, the cake.  Well, that was supposed to be a homemade caramel, chocolate cake but ... that just didn't work out.  You see, we were up half the night with a teething little and this morning I rushed the cake just a tad bit too much due to oversleeping and necessary amounts of coffee as we headed out to see the Lord at church.  I'm sure there is a lesson in there somewhere, but the simple explanation that the cake flopped in part to Jesus time was just fine for Zsa Zsa.  Not to mention, the backup cake we secured was d-lish!

And yes y'all.  That big ole bag with the "Kors" readable is a lovely fall bag for the diva's mama from Mr. Michael Kors himself.  I went in the store and tried to describe her fabulousness only to spot a great bag that just fit for her. 
Happy Birthday, Zsa Zsa.  You are a one of a kind, loving, caring, soulful, tender woman.  If I am half as good of a role model and loving mother as you are ...well, then Baby B will turn out just fine.  Thank you for all you do to support us each and every day.  You are loved beyond words.