August 09, 2012

Shoppin' Cali Style

The high from my so-long-I-was-homesick trip to Cali just two weeks ago was rudely interupted by a little sinus surgery last week.  I spent most of the business week last week snoozing in the comfort of my big ole' bed and recovering, and am finally feeling human once again!

Now ... back to those good sunshine rays and cool Cali vibes....

I mentioned over here, that while this was a work trip, I was able to sneak away long enough to catch a few of my fave home stores along the Golden Coast.  Juxtaposition Home & Studio is a new find and I'm pleased as punch I found my way over there.  This is an unassuming store tucked snuggly between Newport Beach and Laguna.  I've seriously passed this store more than a few times and always made a mental note that I must stop in there.  Well, I finally did.

Juxtaposition is a darling gem that has everything from unique books and paper finds to heavy (read: big), substantial pieces of the finest furniture.  All that, plus most everything in between.  Here's a few shots from around the showroom. 

I just love the assorted burlap and twill pillows and the framed vintage flag is just tops!  This vingette sets the tone when you enter the shop and it's just simply fab!

This bedding vingette literally looked good enough to cozy up in!  The lush bedding looks a lot like the new duvet I (love) purchased from Restoration Hardware and the black and white chalk prints are just beautiful.

I just love everything about the framed collection.  Up close, interesting sayings fill the space in each frame with a thoughtful phrase.  Books, burlap pillows and lushness abounds!

I found a few small and packable treasures at this spot that I carried home, along with a small prezzie for bestie S that was just too her to pass up!  I made plenty of notes and just might be giving them a call back for a vintage wooden crate that was just perfect for baby B's books in our living room!

Next stop, just down the beach in Laguna; Tuvalu Home.  I sure do love this place.  It's just been a darling gem that I love to go visit each and every time I'm in town.  This spot is not only chock full of coastal finds, but they are all fairly reasonably priced as well.  Here's some snaps I took while shopping through, well ... until my arms were too full to snap any more pics!

While the lighting in this corner is a little funny due to natural light and the chandy, the tablewares and the wall art are just too much.  I love the chandy and each of the botanicals and bird prints that fill this space.  The table and fancy chairs aren't too bad either!

These sorts of vingnettes just fill the space.  I literally stand in front of them in awe taking in each and every detail not wanting to miss a one for what seems like hours at a time!  Everything from starfish to oil paintings fill this area and I was grabbing up small finds as fast as I could!

I just couldn't help myself and brought some sweet little things home.  Now, keep in mind, I was constrained to (1) not tooooooo fragile that I'd be devestated if it broke and (2) not tooooooo big since I was out of space already in my suitcase!  Here's a few of the cute things that made their way back south!

I'm a sucker for a fab candle.  I brought back a red quince candle held in the adorable mercury glass jar as well as an Ocean scent Linnea's Light's candle from juxtaposition.  The starfish also found it's way into my bag!

Damn Good Advice for People with Talent is a super cute paperback full of short musing that are right on the money.  This book is presently sitting atop my "must read" stack in the family room.  The papers were to die for, I just had to make these C'est la Vie notes mine!  Bestie S and her adoration of all things Paris also received a set and some cute Paris stickers for cardstock.

The glass whale plate is just fabulous.  It's a nice rich beige, tan and brown natural pallet.  It filled the space that another Tuvalu find from trips past used to fill.  That cutie moved over to the butler's pantry!

Rounding out the things that I'll claim came from this little, tiny shopping trip are a small glass plate that looks like a clock face and a red corral receiving tray.  Both are presently nestled on the foyer table just perfectly!

So, like I said ... just a short, little, not much to see here, sort of shopping trip to some of my fave spots.  Geez, I just love Southern Cali!  Wouldn't you????