August 22, 2012

The Great Frame Out

The diva is a few weeks delayed in sharing the world's most so-simple chick project that will strike fear in the hearts of you man when you do this without him.  That's right ladies, this one involves power tools.  Well only one, but we can embellish?  It could have required a second but I cut that corner in favor of a good glue staple I'm familar with instead!  I'll warn you that power tool thing is over rated.  It's much simpler than you would think and not only will you (a) impress your beau and (b) feel like a super diva when you complete this solo, you will (c) get the job done when you want it instead of waiting for you know who to assist.

That's exactly what I did when I framed out my ever so boring bathroom mirror.  I did a sneak preview reveal of the overall look back here.  But, really, I glossed over the entire reason the project started ... the mirror!

When we moved in, we were told the standard builder grade mirror MUST be installed for some elaborate code defense.  Candidly in hindsight, this was a move the builder pulled so I wouldn't push him for another necessary upgrade and Dear Hubs wouldn't tell him we need a discount :).  For years, I masked the basic mirror with a semi cool floating mirror hung over the existing backdrop.  I liked it, but it was ....well, busy. 

I must pause and note here that this work item just didn't rank on Dear Hubs list.  One thing is certain, that man is a talented handy.  But, if he doesn't value the project he will get to it ... never.  So, with options of outsourcing the fiasco of ripping down the wall and framing it myself without Dear Hubs, I voted for option 2. 

And when Dear Hubs was away, I swooped into action!  I have previously evaluated the frame options and settled that the kits you can buy are overpriced.  The same look could be accomplished with some supplies from my fave big orange store (Home Depot).  The best tip I can offer ... a standard door frame kit solves all of your problems and makes this a snap!

That's right, gals!  Instead of bringing home giant pieces of framing wood and worrying about all sorts of what ifs, I simply bought a framed door casing kit for under $20.  Here's exactly how I did it... saw and all!

Here's how I did it.
What you need:
For a standard, single sink bathroom mirror size - adjust as needed.
  • One standard door casing.  This includes corner fenials and trim.
  • Paint
  • A saw to cut to size
  • Tape measure
  • Liquid nails - note, I tried wood glue ... don't waste your time!

  How I did it:

1.  Start by measuring.  I'm terrible at details, so I measure 85 times and cut once instead of the old addage to measure twice and cut once!  You will want to reduce the piece of trim length by the size of the fenials. 
2.  Cut the wood.  I used a super simple miter saw.  I've learned that these tools LOOK intimidating but are SO EASY.  And, you feel so cool when you use them :).

3.  Once all pieces are cut, you begin by laying out your rectangle form; fenials in corners and four straight sides.
4.  Smooth out the edges with a little sand paper, then start glueing.  Warning, I started with wood glue to join the pieces together.  Truth be told, the south is too sticky humid in the summer and this stuff just isn't strong enough so it didn't do much in the way of drying to a firm hold.  I peeled it apart and cleaned it off, then opted for my trusty Liquid Nails.  I swear, what would I do without this stuff???

5.  Once the glue dries at least overnight, completely, check to make sure your measurements were correct by holding it to your mirror.  The, simply paint.  I repurposed a plastic dollar store table cloth as my drop cloth, so resourceful ... I know!  I used a fab old gold color by Ms. Martha Stewart.  It's a big pricier than a standard color, but worth the few extra pennies.  To paint it perfect, I did the sides of the frame and the front very thoroughly.  Then, when dry; I flipped over and brushed a thin coat on the back.  I'll explain why in a moment.

6.  Once you are pleased with the coverage of paint, it's time to apply some velcro backing.  You can buy this by the spool at the big orange HD.  Simply attach to the frame by removing the sticky backing.
7.  To hang, just simply smush (yes, smush) the velcro side to the existing wall hung mirror.  Note, this is when it's important that you put some color coverage on the back; you will see that the color shows in the reflection a bit.  Voila... framed!