August 29, 2012

In A Flash

Well, since Baby B is off to school one day a week (and actually made it through an entire 4 hour day ... sigh), it was high time we do our part on the homefront to make sure he's not just playing and having fun every day but getting a little educated at the same time.  Yes, spoken like a true Tiger Mom, I know.  Hey, if this boy is going to Stanford we better start now!

I picked up some basic preschool flashcards at my dollar store.  Shocking, they are 5 times the price at toy stores!  To ensure Baby B doesn't spread these all over the house like he does his Little People and Weebles, I grabbed a few household supplies and make flashcard flippers.

I started with a few packs of the cards and then sorted them into the various stacks of similar cards (note - some boxes can actually be split up based on the content).

Just simply punch, using an oversized craft punch, a hole in the top corner of the card.  Then, slip all the cards on an extra shower curtain ring.  You can pick up plastic ones like this one for a few dollars for a set of 10 at any Target, Walmart, etc.  I favor the metal rings, but they actually don't click tight as well as the plastic.  Plus, the plastic is bigger and less of a choking hazzard!

Tied up with a cute piece of polka dot ribbon, voila!  Flashcard flippers for baby B!