August 13, 2012

The Meet & Greet

This morning marked a big event.  The first ever teacher meet and greet for Baby B.  While we love our Nanny McD so very much and she will stay onboard with us, we made the grand (spontaneous) decision that it's high time that Baby B get a good dose of education and socialization with school. Well, preschool to be exact and only one day, but still ... this school is serious biz and today we were a good little student fam and attended our meet and greet as directed.  We met Ms. K and Ms. L.  I have heard RAVE reviews from friends who shared the growth and pleased stories of their littles that attended the school, so we in hog heaven. 

Baby B, Dear Hubs, Nanny McD and I all arrived promptly (like an elaborate entourage) this morning.  Baby B doned some of his finest monogrammed duds and we were sure our first impression would be a good one!  To tell Ms. K and Ms. L that we are just thrilled, Baby B brought along a gift we crafted together for the duo. 

I whittled together a cute French Bull melomine tray with some matching napkins and a set of pink and white zebra print cocktail napkins.  All packaged up in a coordinating bow and a note letting Ms. K and Ms. L know that we think the start of school is something to celebrate. 

Here's to a great school year!  We are excited!