October 05, 2011

Chandy Re-Do

For some time now, I've had my eye on one of a few GORGEOUS chandeliers at Restoration Hardware.  With all the household projects we have had going on for the past few months, and the added expenses of Baby B's nursery and what not; I haven't quite had the courage to break the news to Dear Hubs that I'm just dying for a new chandelier for the kitchen,  at a price tag that would make your heart race no less!

And so, I quietly sit idle and wait for the perfect time to spring the news.  Until then, I just had (HAD) to do something to get my mind off of the new beauty that could be hanging there and decided a little redo was in order.  Sure, sure, sure ... there was nothing "wrong" with the before chandelier.  It was traditional and went with my decor but ... it just was missing something fun and now that I felt was necessary. 

Before:  Nice, Normal ... Expectedly Average

Inspired by a little project Dixie Delights showed us a little while back on her blog, I set out with creative energy to burn!  While my original idea only included spray painting the chandelier candle sticks, I actually wasn't too pleased with the results and found myself covering them instead.  And now, I'm pleased as punch with the results!

After:  A fun change!

Here's how I did it:
Supply Round Up:
  • Burlap scraps (I know, I know ... how many scraps do I have???)
  • Neutral spray paint
  • Two side tape
  • Round chandelier bulps (available at Home Depot)

Craft in a Flash:
1.  First, I removed (and saved) the existing chandelier lamp shades that I had.  I may need or want them again so they were saved from the trash ... you never know!
 2. Remove the candle stick plastic coverings. Mine were actually discolored from the heat of the bulbs!

3.  Spray the plastic covers with the neutral spray paint.  I selected a metallic bronze color paint because my initial plan was to leave it at that, but due to wear, tear and age on the covers the paint didn't apply all that great. 

4.  Cut burlap to cover each of the plastic covers.
5.  Apply burlap over the painted cover and secure using two sided tape.
6.  Trim excess on edges.

7.  Replace the covers on the chandelier and swap to new round (trendy) bulbs.

8.  Bask in the glow of your new chandelier!

~charmed, b

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