August 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is about to kick it up into high gear and fans everywhere rejoice!  I just love this time of year for so many reasons; and football is one of the top 5.  Dear Hubs played football in college and I've been a fan since the early cheerleading days of my youth.  To start the season off right, here's a sneak peak at the too cute wreathes that will be gracing my front doors come this football season. 

Sure, Mack Brown at the great University of Texas (go Longhorns!) may get the first phone call from this crazed mama offering first recruiting dibs on all 2 feet (yes ... at 6 weeks he's already 24 inches) of Baby B for the class of 2029, but my heart belongs to my alma mater, Georgia Tech.

After making these wreathes for myself, I've made them for countless others and last year caved and crafted a UGA one for the Quiet Heroes benefit. For a good cause, I can put my pride aside and make one in red!

So get excited, football season is about to kick into high gear and this fan couldn't be more ready!

Oh.... and To Hell With Georgia!  Go Jackets!

~charmed, b

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