October 31, 2011

Sunday Funday

We have certainly been enjoying the fabulous fall weather here in Atlanta over the past few weeks.  On a recent Sunday afternoon, we had the luxury of enjoying the company of a few fab friends and letting our little ghosts and gobblins run wild around the yard while we sat on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful day.  What fun it is to have these special times to catch up with friends that I just now realize I've known for FIFTEEN years!  My land, where does the time go!  In the blink of an eye we have gone from being footloose and carefree freshmen at GT (who sported a fantastic win this weekend over Clemson) to somewhat responsible adults with littles of our own! 

We had a fun afternoon of pumpkin decorating, bubble blowing, tag playing and snacking.  We dined on great snacks and chili before we just couldn't resist s'mores any longer!  It's safe to say all the littles slept soundly that evening (after the marshmellow high wore off). 

Little witch M is just like her mama - gotta make sure that hair is looking good with her cutie witch hat!

A and E's littles running wild

The fellas took over the table (where snacks were hanging out of course!)

The peas all grown up

Jay Bird and mama M with their adorable pumpkin

Jay Bird giving Baby B his bottle .... future buddies (watch out if they are anything like their mamas!)

S'more time!

E, A and B taking a break fireside

Don't you want another babe A???

The messiest kid of all ....

E with her little W

The witch (aka M) enjoying her s'more