January 06, 2012

Beer and BBQ

During the whirlwind of December, we celebrated the (cough cough) anniversary of Dear Hub's 30th birthday.  For an "adults only" fete, we packed up a few friends and headed down to the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta for a fun beer tasting followed by bbq at possibly the best place around, the Swallow in the Hollow.  It's a known fact that beer and bbq just can't be beat and they are two of Dear Hub's fave things, to boot!   

It's safe to say all the party revelers enjoyed themselves and Dear Hubs did too!  Happy Birthday ... muhwah!

The birthday boy and his brew


The fellas and their beers

A toast to the ladies!

Getting ready for grub

Happy Birthday!

The random funniest guy there who tried 5 times to get our picture but couldn't