January 10, 2012


Mid-December, during all the hustle and bustle that is the Christmas season, dear Lala celebrated her first anniversary of her 29th birthday.  And of course, we needed to celebrate with a fete suitable for the diva that is Lala.  Since her friends were coming from far and wide to celebrate with us, over 6 months ago I saved the date at the club atop Matthieson Place in Buckhead.  Lucky for me, my bestie S lives at this fab location and was able to secure the venue for the bash.  We racked our brains about a theme for the fun night and came up with the Laura 3.0 theme that was just like our birthday girl - cute, trendy and different. 

Our first priority was the invitation.  I designed a cute invite for the fete that followed our orange, pink and black / white theme.  To tie into the tech savy name for her party, I created a QR code and a facebook page for friends to follow along leading up to the event.  The back of the invite was a black and white candid shot of the party girl and was well received with tons of laughs.

Some of the highlights of the party were great food, fab drinks, cotton candy martinis, cotton candy favors, a sweets candy buffet and all sorts of fun!  Happy Birthday, dear darling Lala - we love you!

The birthday girl with a tower of cotton candy favors

The sweets from afar

Close up of the sweet bytes

Cotton Candy fabulousness ready for martinis!

Yummy savory food


Me and the Birthday Girl

Dear Ole' Dad, Lala, and ZsaZsa

Bubble gum and rock candy - fab!