January 06, 2012

Up Cycle Storage

It's an absolute certain fact that Baby B is growing like a weed.  While his dna doesn't toute anything tiny, it's clear he is filling every bit of the expectations for being hearty stock!  Luckily, sweet friend A turned me onto the Target (gasp ... generic) brand formula that has the exact, very same formula as the much pricier version we were using previously.  One day, inspiration hit... the collission of looking at my recycling bin to see a series of empty powder formula containers AND taking a sneak peak at my terribly disorganized hall linen closet caused me to strategize a low cost organization solution.  With less than $2 in cutie pie scrapbook paper, some double side tape and about 5 minutes of effort; I transformed these destined for the garbage containers into a great way to keep all those tiny odds and ends (cotton balls, shampoo samples, toothbrush extras, etc) clean and neat in their hallway home.

First, I started with the can, ok ... many cans!  Just a simple damp paper towel clean out was all that was required to ensure the inside was clean.

Then cut the craft paper to fit.  I was able to cut a strip for each can and have extra left over.  For this closet project, I selected a series of black and white polka dot papers.  They are just darling!

Presto, chango ... cute cannisters.

Each was filled with various necessity items.  In this one, I nipped the plastic lid with an "X" across the middle.  After filling the cannister with a ton of plastic shopping bags that are ever useful, I just simply replaced the lid and had a very easy and neat storage system!

Now onto the next closet!

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