July 03, 2012

Golden Look

It all started with a hankering to overhaul the mirror in the main floor bathroom.  I didn't hate, nor did I love this room ... overall, it just felt in need of a redo.  That mirror has been my personal Everest for years now.  I've tried just about everything.  You see ... when we built the house, the builder was insistent on putting those mirrors up and claimed building city code required it. What.ever.  Gasp, I know.

For a time now, I had a cool mirror on mirror solution for my flat drab situation.  I liked it, but didn't love the cluttered look it gave.  So, my initial plan for a redo here was to simply to trick out the existing horrid flat wall mount mirror with a cute frame.   When Dear Hubs was less than supportive of my plan, I waiting until he left the area for a short while and I swooped into action! Yes, I realize that sounds super sneaky ... and it totally was!

The trouble was, first, I wasn't sure exactly what to do, where to start and how on earth I would craft this dity.  After snooping for ideas high and low and even considering one of those dreadfully expensive Mirror Mate solutions, I opted for a creative but functional solution from my very have Home Depot. Here's the trick ... I had to learn to operate a saw to pull this off. Yes.  True story.  And I did. Bam! This diva knows how to saw and I'm proudly adding that to my resume!

With a plan in progress, the creative juices were flowing.  I identified the must have paint for the frame and just kept going like wild!  Miss Martha Stewart saved the day.  Darn her time.  Her style crisp and classic.  Her decor divine.  Her paint ... well, her paint is tops and gets two thumbs up after this delicious redo!

Once I finished the mirror and coated it in Martha's lovely metallic in a neutral, gold tone it is picture perfect and totally fitting with the already loved bath curtain treatment. 

From here, I just couldn't stop.  That paint was going on a wall... hell or high water.  After the purchase of an oversized stencil on Amazon, I was in business.  I stenciled the accent wall as you walk in and I'm just pleased as punch with the result.

To round out the look, I gathered the pair of neutral paisley curtains (made by yours truly a while ago) that previously surrounded the bath like panel curtains and instead brushed them onto one side.  Next, I created a pull back from burlap ribbon.  My house is a lovely perplexed confusion of burlap and fancy touches and so this is just perfect for moi!  The mirror frame was hung (details later) and I just L-O-V-E the result.  The framed series of oil paintings over the toilet are a grouping I actually commissioned, designed and painted a few years ago.  They are simple, elegant and I really like them.  Plus, they look fancy and no one knows I actually made them!

Couldn't be happier with the finished product!  xoxo