October 02, 2012

Best Wishes Sweet A

Some of my girls have been besties and sweet friends since way back yonder.  Many of us were sorority sisters and stayed close through the weddings, babies and life events of the past decade errr...few short youthful years.

You may recognize a few of these fresh faced college girls from my pics of besties today!

A few of us gathered together in Roswell, GA just a week ago to wish our sweet A the fairest of wishes for her wedding to M.  It was a lovely outdoor service at Primrose Cottage, where Dear Hubs and I said our "I do's" almost ten years ago, followed by a wonderful dinner reception.  I just love the location for it's ties to my family generations back, my hometown and also my own special wedding day.  It's a beautiful old antebellum home in a gorgeous little downtown area of this adorable city.  Here's a few snaps of our bride A.

After the ceremony, we claimed our seats in the ballroom.  Table 9 was the destination for most of our crew.  Sorry NYC girls C and K ... y'all had a VIP table all your own. 

We ate all sorts of yummy delights and then said our well wishes to the bride herself.  I just love these girls.

And once everyone's dancin shoes were tired (and my babysitter was ready to retire for the night) ... we grabbed our oh so perfect Krispy Kreme donut favors and headed home. 

Twas a night to be remembered.  Congrats and a lifetime of love sweet A and hubby M.  We love y'all!
~ xoxo, b