October 02, 2012

The Table's Last Leg: Back Porch Edition

Fact ... I love, love, love my screened in back porch.  It just wouldn't be fall (or winter, or spring, or summer ...) in the south without it!  We entertain here, nap here and hang out in this space more than any other spot.

Another fact ... I can't stand the legacy dining table that calls that porch home.  A year ago, we invested in lovely furniture from Martha Stewart for the sitting area but that darn table that Dear Hubs and I purchased over TEN year ago STILL remains.  I want so badly to put that dinosaur out to pasture.  Ok ... you get the point.

I've tried fabric runners ... cute but not full coverage.  I've tried floor length burlap ruffles.... cute but itchy and not effective to put your legs under.  I've tried ... faux mercury glass finish on the glass inset top ...cute, in theory but let's just keep going.  I've tried ... ok, you get the point, again!

Here's my latest and promised last attempt to salvage this table.  They say you find a lost item in the last place you look, well this is much the same.  This chalkboard finish worked like a dream!  I think she just might stay a while longer because I'm in L-O-V-E!  The chalkboard finish is just perfect for us and makes a whimsical touch for all our friends to leave notes after our porch parties!

Here's how I did it:
  • I started with a basic patio table - you know the kind; glass top, metal frame. 
  • After cleaning thoroughly, I applied a few coats of chalkboard finish to the top and frame. 
  • For me, the finish wasn't deep / thorough enough, so I added a coat of flat black paint (left over on hand) to the top of the glass, the bottom side of the glass and also the frame. 
  • Once completely dry, I went back over the top with another layer of chalkboard paint.  That did the trick.
  • Easy as a few coats of chalkboard paint; the table is now adored!
I rounded out the decor with a cute message, a vintage sugar mold filled with white candles and two oversized Mason Jars.  I treated the Mason Jars with an at home diy mercury glass finish (I'll explain another time) and filled them with wheat husks.  All tied together with a burlap runner, we are in business!
Here's to yet another chalkboard adventure that saved the day!
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Geesh ... word to the wise, if you stand still around me; there's a good chance you too will be coated in chalkboard paint!
Chalkboard love, y'all!
~xoxo, b